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La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry

"What I particularly appreciate about Dr. Chen, besides her skills as an excellent dentist, is that she always listens to my concerns, and is willing to discuss and explain procedures. She wants to do the best for her patients in every way."

~ Uli Burgin, La Jolla, CA Cellist, La Jolla Symphony
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"Dr. Chen is truthful and honest. I am so impressed with her! You KNOW you are in the best hands possible. She's very experienced and comes highly recommended from two friends that have had dental experience with her."
~ Karen N

Alternatives to Root Canal

Utter the words “root canal” and you’re sure to elicit groans from everyone who hears you. Root canals are probably one of the most dreaded dental procedures, but at La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry, we have an alternative to root canal procedures! First, besides the fact that they hurt, why are root canals so bad, and why is it so important to find an alternative to root canal procedures?

Typically, root canal therapy is a procedure performed to treat an infected tooth by removing infected material and bacteria from the canal, and closing up the canal by inserting a "filling material" into the empty space. The intent is to prevent the reentry of bacteria into the tooth. However, the shape of the canal within a tooth makes it virtually impossible to remove every bit of bacteria from the area effectively. It is also very difficult to fill the canal completely. This traditional form of treatment sets you up for an ineffective restoration. When the canal is only partially cleaned and filled, bacteria can actually hide and grow within the treated tooth.

Teeth treated with standard root canal therapy provide an area where bacteria and microbes can hide - and thrive. When the canal is filled, healthy, nourishing blood flow is stopped, prohibiting your immune system from naturally eliminating the bacteria and microbes that remain within the canal. These toxins are proven to pass into the bloodstream and have been associated with numerous diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, and diseases of the brain and the nervous system. Toxins can also combine with chemicals or heavy metals from other dental work, such as mercury, and then they form neurotoxins that are even more potent and can destroy the important enzymes within the body. So what’s our alternative to root canal procedures?

At La Jolla Center for holistic Dentistry, we take great care to provide natural alternatives to root canal surgery. By using minimally invasive natural dental techniques including ozone therapy and cytokine therapy for treating teeth with deep cavities, we have found that the need for root canals drop dramatically. However, early detection and treatment is the key. Seeking ozone therapy at the earliest stage of infection gives the highest success. Other alternatives to root canal treatment include simply removing the tooth altogether, after all, why would you want to save an infected tooth anyway?

For more information on natural dental care, such as our alternatives to root canal procedures, call the leading holistic dentist in San Diego, Dr. Chen, at (855) 941-1414.

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